Romney on Education – the reactionary capture of “civil rights”

A story in the New York times (link is in the title) – What’s most interesting is the ho-hum tone of the article in noting that most of Romney’s proposals — charter schools in particular — are similar to Obama’s, and that even Romney’s attacks — his effort to portray Obama as in thrall to the teachers’ unions — is contradicted by Obama’s treatment of unions and his rhetoric in discussing teaching and education.  In essence, Obama has adopted Republican party positions, or to be more exact, very conservative Republican party positions on education.  But of course, not just on education.
By Trip Gabriel
Published: May 23, 2012

Lamenting that millions of American children receive “a third world education,” Mitt Romney on Wednesday called for poor and disabled students to be able to use federal funds to attend any public, private or online school they choose.

In an already feverish campaign . . . .

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