Teach for America & J.P. Morgan consolidate

Wall Street in the classroom!  Teach for American is trumpeting a new arrangement that encourages future Wall Streeters to use it as a training funnel for the Firm

“By committing two years to teach in a low-income community, you will have an unparalleled opportunity to assume tremendous responsibility—managing a classroom of students, setting ambitious goals, and inspiring your students to meet those goals. Through this experience, alumni say that they developed invaluable communication and time-management skills that are highly transferable to a career in business.”

Well, probably yes — like teachers, low-status Morgan employees are probably kept under close surveillance and tightly evaluated in terms of quantitative metrics that have as much to do with productivity as standardized test scores do with learning (the one ‘fictitious capital,’ in Marx’s term, the latter ‘fictitious learning’).  And probably Morgan employees (like Goldman Sachs workers) think of their clients as children.  And probably Morgan does think of its work as an impersonal exchange rather than the relations and empathy one might want of a teacher, the commitment.


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