Boycotting standardized tests

Here’s a blog piece from the Washington Post from a couple of days ago on the boycott of standardized tests begun at Garfield High in Seattle.  There was also an earlier post on it at the Rethinking Schools blog.  The superintendent, at last word, was threatening to suspend teachers without pay.  The Chicago Teachers Union has endorsed the Seattle teachers.  The most up-to-date material may be at the Seattle Education website.  There’s also a petition at — though it would be sad to do nothing more — an illustration of what Hacker & Pierson refer to (after Theda Skocpol) as “a shift from “membership to management. . . . mass-membership organizations with true grassroots presence have atrophied. In their place have arisen Washington-based advocacy groups with professional management teams and mailing-list memberships” (pp. 179-180).

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