Additional Readings and Resources on on Jobs & Labor Market Issues

Some additional readings on work and jobs:

Chicago Teachers Union (2012).  Fight for the Future:  How Low Wages are Failing our Students.

Favreault, Melissa (2008).  Discrimination and Economic Mobility.  Philadelpha, PA:  Pew Charitable Trust.

Kmec, J. (2003).  Minority job concentration and wages.  Social Problems, 50/1:  38-59.

Moss & Tilly (1996).  ‘Soft skills’ and race:  An investigation of Black Mens’ employment problems.  Work and Occupations, 23 (3):  252-276

Roscigno, V. et al (2007).  Social closure and processes of Race/Sex employment discrimination.  Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, 609, 16-48.

Bernhardt, Annette, Boushey, Heather, Dresser, Laura, & Tilly, Chris. (2008). An Introduction to the “Gloves-off” Economy. UC Los Angeles: The Institute for Research on Labor and Employment. Retrieved from:  [Chapter 1 of Annette Bernhardt, Heather Boushey, Laura Dresser, and Chris Tilly, eds., The Gloves-Off Economy: Workplace Standards at the Bottom of America’s Labor Market (Cornell University Press, 2008).

I mentioned as well in class a special issue of the journal Work and Organizations, 39 (4)  (2012) with a number of responses & critiques to a recent book — Good Jobs, Bad Jobs — by Arne Kalleberg (whose 2009 article you read for last week’s class).  It’s worth a good look at the critiques (Madrick, Vallas & Prener, Osterman & Chimienti, Appelbaum) as well as Kalleberg’s response.

There was some surprise about teaching jobs being listed as jobs common among the “working poor” — here’s a link  to a table from the Wall Street Journal that gives some statistics about starting salaries — — keep in mind that pay varies enormously across districts (and that median pay says nothing about the actual availability of jobs).  But do note that ‘education’ is at the bottom among the occupations listed.

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