Activist Teacher’s Handbook and CTU

The journal Jacobin (I subscribe) has assembled an interesting book Class Action: An Activist Teacher’s Handbook, as a joint project with the Chicago Teachers Union’s CORE (Caucus of Rank and File Educators).  If you click on the title above you can download a free pdf of the book.

To briefly review what this refers to (for those of you who follow the news on public education), the CTU is a progressive, social justice/community-organizing union (that is, it became one once CORE assumed leadership). It staged a successful strike against the city’s neoliberal test-centric school policies (the mayor took revenge by closing a number of schools).  The Union represents a powerful model — and its not the only one in the country by any means — of progressive teacher organization and action. One feature of particular interest is its long-term collaboration with university academics (perhaps the most prominent being Pauline Lipman), doing its own research– see the “Quest Center” link at the top of the webpage — and maintaining an outward-looking, progressive orientation.  The webpage is worth a look — as is the blog

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