The Library

As I was putting together a reading list for the coming spring I noticed that journals I was using last spring were no longer available.  When I asked the librarian what had happened it took her a while (she was unaware of the change, apparently, so not only was there no consultation with faculty, but poor communication), she informed me that “Taylor and Francis (as well as Bentham and Karger) have removed some full-text content from EBSCO databases . . . While they are replacing the 395 titles with 596 other titles, valuable content for users was removed by the vendor.”  When I checked the two lists I discovered that the change wasn’t arbitrary:   the additions reflected a hard turn to the ‘sciences,’ and many of the journals (apologies in advance) seemed to be relatively specialized (Albanian Journal of Agriculture, Azerbaijan Journal of Mathematics, etc.).  Meanwhile a number of journals I use – British Journal of Sociology of Education, City, Comparative Education, Mind,Culture & Activity, Disability Studies, Teachers and Teaching, Identities, Review of Education, Pedagogy, & Cultural Studies, Peabody Review of Education — appeared on the ‘removed list.’   A few of these, it turned out (e.g., the Peabody journal, the Journal of Education Policy, and Educational Psychology) are still available through different suppliers (though the Peabody Journal has an 18-month embargo).  Other texts, like the European Educational Research Journal, which is not on the removed list, is no longer accessible as of this writing, though the library site seems to suggest it is.

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